Welcome friends

We are Jersey Hemp, the Channel Islands’ pioneers in reviving the Islands’ historic agricultural asset, hemp.

For hundreds of years, the Island used be home to fields upon fields of hemp and we intend to revive this incredible crop and bring our customers the highest quality produce.

We currently sell our Genuine Jersey, 100% organic CBD produce both online and in a range of shops.

Check out our online store to see the range of locally produced, hemp based products made at Warwick Farm.

From the same soil as the Jersey Royal, we believe Jersey Hemp to be the island’s next big farming triumph.

Our hemp farm on the outskirts of St Helier, is the first in the Channel Islands’ since industrial hemp production was delegalised in 1993.

The first hemp crops in Jersey helped make the Island the 4th largest ship building area in the 19th century and whilst we’ve no interest in building ships anymore, we do have a passion for producing high quality CBD Oils and other raw materials and end products from this versatile crop.

Growing and producing locally, Jersey Hemp stem from a team of scientists, agriculturists, firefighters and an ex Royal Marines Commando.

With dedication and a deep rooted understanding of the way with which hemp can enrich the islands’ economy and eco footprint, Jersey Hemp was born.

Dave Ryan,

Co-Founder & Director